About Us ~ RHOTI

The Reel Housewives of Topsail Island is a non-profit organization which uses the money raised from an island bicycle ride to help local breast cancer victims. The 26.2 mile bicycle ride takes place in April every year. The ride will start and finish at the Surf City Soundside Park (the event begins at 8:00AM). Registration events are held at various local venues leading up to the ride. Join us in making a difference! 

A note from our founder...

Hello Friends my name is Annette Erny. I am the founder of The Reel Housewives of Topsail Island. My journey began in 2010 when I decided I wanted to cross an item off of my bucket list. I always knew how beautiful Topsail Island is but for some reason I've always wanted to ride my bicycle the entire 26 miles of the Island and take in all of Gods beauty that we are so blessed to wake up to everyday. As I was having lunch at Sears Landing with some really great girls I told them about my plan and they decided they really wanted to get involved as well. Note that we are not avid bicyclists so many people thought we were crazy. Unrelated, we had tried earlier that year to start a foundation for breast cancer and realized how much work would be involved. As time grew closer I had more and more friends, and friends-of-friends, come up and ask if they could ride with me and suddenly the light bulb appeared and I realized that this bike ride was going to be my way of starting the foundation. That first year we had 42 women and men who joined the ride. 

Raising $2,800.00 & donating to a young local girl our very first year as Reel Housewives of Topsail Island felt so amazing! Since that day we have made the 26 mile Island-wide journey an annual event and are now a true breast cancer foundation. Last year during our 2018 Annual Bike Ride, we raised over $81,000 and had 550 registrants-- we strive to increase these numbers every year! We have paid rent, purchased Christmas gifts for women's children, and were even able to purchase a prosthesis for a woman in need. We help our local patients and families with whatever we can during their battle with this horrible disease.

The Reel Housewives of Topsail Island has a Board of Directors that consist of seven women: Debbie Pekofsky, Susan Billet, Renee Rhodes, Nealie Williams, Stacie Justice, Desi McAllister and myself. These women graciously donate their time and knowledge to this cause and I cannot thank them enough. 

Our event each year begins with someone from our local community singing the national anthem and we recognize all of our survivors with a prayer from our local mayor. We have a great local attorney, Dan Rizzo, volunteer his staff and his time to help us become a nonprofit organization. My husband, Darrell Erny, has lead and organized a logistics team that helps pick up bikes and take riders back to their cars among other helpful tasks such as trailing the route to make sure all riders are safe. The Mayors of each township send news alerts to locals making sure they would be aware of any traffic implications and have been great supporters. Local businesses host lunches and registration events for us throughout the month of March as well as water/fruit stops along the ride. These businesses, along with members of the community, also donate gifts for a silent auction that takes place immediately after the ride to bump up our donations. 

I can tell you that I have never had Breast Cancer, but I can also tell you that God has continuously tapped on my shoulders to continue his work. Without the help of our community this event would never exist. It takes an army to make this event so successful and I can tell you this community ROCKS.!

Thank you for all your continued support. I love you all!!! 

-Annette Erny